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1960s inspire wedding items

Swing Tunic Style Dress
I added this to my summer and around the house collection of dresses. Talk about feeling free, sexy, and comfy...this dress is all that. The dress is by Talever, and once again the quality is there. The straps are spaghetti but there are three. They link to the back to provide some flair to the open back. This dress is adorable in sandals or heels. It is completely swing and flirty. It is what I would call babydoll with some elegance. I wear it around the house or to the pool. It would also be perfect for a wedding or outside event too. It fits as expected. Ladies, I am just over five foot and it is above the knee. If you are tall, it will be a mini. It zips at the waist. I just put it on right over my head though. Just that easy. It is delicate material, so follow the wash tag. Hang it up right away too. It runs $20-$22 on Amazon. They also have their own store. On Amazon, it is distributed by Chifave. They provide great follow up service themselves. I have a Youtube video showing the dress. Check it out and let me know what you think of yours. 1960s inspire wedding items
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