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I was lucky to be diagnosed when I was 18, but I lived on pain killers, in the hospital every month on a morphine drip for many years. I lost a lot of jobs and couldn't stay in school. No one knew what was wrong with me - I was told "it's just cramps" or "you're unlucky to get bad periods". I finally had a doctor who believed me and did a laparoscopy. Dress Affordable cocktail party wears in navy
I've had internal bleeding from endometriosis attaching to other organs, I've been seen by MANY specialists, but I deal with cysts far less frequently than I use to... unfortunately, the hormonal upset that comes along with PMS is almost as unbearable as the physical pain.
If you think you have this disease, ask for help and don't stop until you find a doctor who will help and support you.
Finding a partner who will understand and be supporting of your emotional and physical roller coaster is also key.

3 things young women with endometriosis need you to know Dismissive doctors. Excruciating pain. Years of lost time. These complaints come from several young Alberta women who say their undiagnosed endometriosis lowered the quality of their day-to-day adolescent lives. According to multiple sources, women face eight to 10 years waiting for a