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Dress Affordable flowy prom collections of chiffon

If any one comes to our house to visit, please have patients for me to get to the door. I am honestly tired of getting the Sh&# shocked out of me when I come out of my chair and go straight to the door and grab the door knob. I reckon I have a lot of static electricity to try to get rid of first. I have to go around scootin on the walls and stuff to get rid of it. I touched the cat awhile ago and neither one of us liked it. He dove out of the chair in the kitchen when I was going to pet him and dang near jerked my hearing aid out of my ear because my glasses seemed to get excited as well. Musta been when my arm flew up. So please allow a little extra time. This old fart has enough fun with out a electric prod door handle. Thank you. Dress Affordable flowy prom collections of chiffon :)