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RIP Jim Nabors. 15 years ago or so, I was working in Westwood at an outdoor store. In came Jim Nabors, Gomer Pyle. He had aged, and was going to UCLA medical for some type of treatment, dressed real casual, and I did not recognize him. He and his friend wandered around the store, and I went to the back and asked if they needed help. His friend said, "he is looking for some comfortable hiking shoes.". So I walked up to the older guy and asked, what are you using them for, what is the weather like, temperature, rain, snow, dry. I was trying to figure out what he needed. So he sat down on one of the two long benches in the back of the store and told me he would use them in Montana, Hawaii, and around Santa Barbara. By now I was feeling as if I somehow knew this guy. So I started poking around as we conversed, trying to figure out how I knew him. Well, I am not shy, and simple start asking questions about him, so I began. I would go get some hiking boots and as he was trying them on, I would ask him questions. I asked him if I looked familiar to him. He laughed and said, "no, why". I said, well you look familiar to me and I can't place it. He totally let me keep going. I asked him where do you go in Montana, my uncle has a ranch up there and I visit, maybe I saw you there. He told me his location, but assured me it was not there. Then I pressed him about the hiring trials in Santa Barbara, telling him I get up there a lot and maybe it is there, or in town on State Street. He said "maybe, but that he doubted it ". So I pressed onward, asking him why he was in Westwood, where did he live. He told me he lived in Beverly Hills, and was at Westwood for some medical stuff. So being nice I asked, what do you have gong on medically. He told me about all the stuff he had going on, and I told him about different options he might add on to the typical stuff using more natural stuff. He wrote some stuff down, and we kept talking. His friend would stop by and show him a shirt, or jacket and then leave us alone. This went on for at least 20 minutes, more like 30. It was a long time. It kept knawing at me as to how I knew this guy. I had asked him about places he ate, places he visited in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Montana, even Hawaii, but I could not link up how I knew him. So I started insisting that he try to figure it out with me. I told him, listen, it is not to often that I know I know someone. Well, he had had enough fun with me, so out of nowhere, no one in the store but myself, him, and his boyfriend. He lets out, just like he was on TV, a loud, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the famous thing he did in Gomer Pyle. I stood back and started laughing. His boyfriend came up, put his arm around me and said, "I have not heard him do that in years. We were both laughing at how hard you where trying to figure out how you knew him. This was hilarious and you made a long day at UCLA pretty funny". Then they bought the shoes, some clothes and we shook hands and I told him that he was a wonderful actor, and wonderful singer. He smiled, thanked me again and off they went. Thanks for the laughs Jim, you seemed like a sweet soul. Dress Affordable items with white color to wear that looks cute

Surprise-Surprise-Surprise.flv Gomer Pyle's famous