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Health topic: *HYPERTENSION*
*(High Blood Pressure )*

High blood pressure is referred to a condition in the systolic pressure of more than 140mmHg and an increase in the diastolic pressure of more than 90mmHg Dress Affordable over size wedding wears in mermaid trumpet style

Systolic beat: This is the sound produced when the heart contracts

Diastolic beat: This is produced when the heart relaxes as it pumps blood

1. Primary hypertension (has no cause)
2. Secondary hypertension (has no cause)
3. Pregnancy induced hypertension or gestation period
4. Hypertension due to other condition such as diabetes mellitus

1. Age
2. Sex or gender
3. Family history
4. Obesity
5. High salt intake
6. high alcohol intake
7. Sedentary lifestyle

1. Palpitation

2. anger/excessive worry

3. Headache early in the morning

4. Dizziness

5. Difficulty in breathing (dipsnoea)

6. chest pain

7. Tachycardia (HBP)

8. nausea & vomiting

9. Difficulty in sleeping (insomnia)

10. Restlessness

11. Numbness (insensitivity of nerve?

1. full blood count (FBC) amount of blood

2. Fasting blood sugar (FBS) amount of sugar in blood

3. Random blood sugar (RBS)

4. Chest x-ray

1. Nefidipine
2. Amlodipine
3. LiSinopril
4. Atenalol
5. Bendrotlothiazide
6. Laxis or frusemide
7. Degoxin

1. Observation
*observe patient vital signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiration)
*observation patient for signs of relentlessness
*observe any side effect on the medications served
*observe fluid intake and output
*observe the Color and odour

2. Nutrition
*encourage patient to take lots of fruits n vegetables
*serve patient with diet low in cholesterol
*encourage patient to take In low salt diet
*encourage patient to avoid lots of spicy diet
*encourage patient to take lots of fluid

3. Medication
*wash hands b4 and after serving medication
*serve patient with prescribed medicine, at the right time, through the right route, with the right dosage to the right patient
*educate patient on his medication
*check whether patient is allergic to the medication

4. Lifestyle mortification
*encourage patient to limit smoking
*encourage patient to reduce excessive alcohol
*advice patient to eat early at .night
*advice patient to control his/her anger
*advice patient to avoid fatty, salty, n spicy diets
*encourage patient to avoid chilled drink

_*Edited By: RosaCute*_

_*Assisted By: Nenye*_