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A lengthy list of mercury poisoning symptoms (if you have time to read through this on Thanksgiving)

While coming up with this list, I discovered something really interesting. And that is, if a woman gets a vaccine during pregnancy, she probably won't feel the effects of the mercury in thimerosal, but it will have a severe impact on the developing brain of her baby. They don't know why, but for some reason it accumulates in the baby's brain at a higher concentration than the mother, where it can do severe damage.
Here are the symptoms of methyl mercury poisoning. Methyl mercury is not exactly the same as ethyl mercury (thimerosal) but it is so close to being the same chemically that any doctor that says thimerosal is safe has got to be a quack. I flat out don't believe the claims they make about thimerosal being safe. Here's the admitted to effects of methyl mercury, (which is, chemically, a twin brother of thimerosal.) We know the vaccines are wrecking the children, let that stand as proof that this is an equal: Dress Affordable red colored items to wear in the wedding
This was found at
"Since many pregnant women have had methylmercury toxicity, the effects of this toxicity on their children was studied. Importantly, the fetal brain was shown to be very sensitive to methylmercury; developmental impairments such as reduced ability in thinking, attention span, memory, and most motor skills occurred in various degrees, often severe, even if the mother developed few if any symptoms."
This following list (which is unrelated to the vaccines during pregnancy issue mentioned above) is from and it clearly outlines a huge number of problems that are prevalent in today's society, with the root source being mercury amalgam dental fillings.
Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Poisoning

anxiety/nervousness, often with difficulty in breathing
exaggerated response to stimulation
emotional instability
-lack of self control
-fits of anger, with violent, irrational behavior
loss of self confidence
shyness or timidity, being easily embarrassed
loss of memory
inability to concentrate
mental depression, despondency
suicidal tendencies
manic depression

numbness and tingling of hands, feet, fingers, toes, or lips
muscle weakness progressing to paralysis
tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids or tongue
myoneural transmission failure resembling Myasthenia Gravis

motor neuron disease (ALS)
Multiple Sclerosis, see Janie's Story, and Ken Pressner's Speech to the MS Society

bleeding gums
alveolar bone loss
loosening of teeth
excessive salivation
foul breath
metallic taste
burning sensation, with tingling of lips, face
tissue pigmentation (amalgam tattoo of gums)
stomatitis (sores in the mouth)
ulceration of gingiva, palate, tongue
dizziness/acute, chronic vertigo
ringing in the ears
hearing difficulties
speech and visual impairment
-restricted, dim vision

food sensitivities, especially to milk and eggs
abdominal cramps, colitis, diverticulitis or other G.I. complaint
chronic diarrhea/constipation

abnormal heart rhythm
characteristic findings on EKG
-abnormal changes in the S-T segment and/or
-lower broadened P wave
unexplained elevated serum triglyceride
unexplained elevated cholesterol
abnormal blood pressure, either high or low

repeated infections
-viral and fungal
-candida and other yeast infections
autoimmune disorder
-lupus erythematosus (LE)
-multiple sclerosis (MS)
-amyolateral sclerosis (ALS)

chronic headaches
severe dermatitis
unexplained reactivity
thyroid disturbance
subnormal body temperature
cold, clammy skin, especially hands and feet
excessive perspiration, w/frequent night sweats
unexplained sensory symptoms, including pain
unexplained numbness or burning sensations
unexplained anemia
-G-6-PD deficiency
Chronic kidney disease
-nephrotic syndrome
-receiving renal dialysis
-kidney infection
adrenal disease
general fatigue
loss of appetite/with or without weight loss
loss of weight

A checklist of other symptoms that could be related to mercury toxicity.
A Mercury Test by Dr. Hal Huggins:

1. Heart problems
_heart/chest pains
_tachcardia (heart racing)
_heart murmur
_low blood pressure
_abnormal EKG
_partial heart block
_high blood pressure
_heart attack

2. Skin Problems
_unexplained rashes
_excessive itching
_red flushes of color
_rough skin
_acne (pimples)

3. Nervous Disorders
_bell's Palsy
_Multiple Sclerosis
_Dr. told you "It's your nerves"
_the shakes of hands, feet, head, etc
_twitching of face or other muscles

4. Digestion
_Crohn's disease
_Graves Disease
_bloated feeling after eating
_poor appetite

5. Blood Disease
_false positve for venereal disease

6. Cancer
_Hodgkins disease
_any other name

7. Endocrine Problems
_tipped uterus
_thyroid overactive
_cervical erosion
_mensturation-painful, too often or too seldom/ stopping without reason

8. Emotional
_sudden anger
_wish you were dead
_suicidal tendencies
_been divorced

9. Annoying Symptoms
_frequent headaches
_noises in your ears
_ringing in your ears
_hissing in your ears
_chronic eye inflammation
_chronic fatigue
_do you tire easily?
_swollen lymph nodes
_do you sweat excessively or not at all?
_hearing problems
_cold hands and feet
_motion sickness
_slow healing
_leg cramps
_get up at night to urinate
_urinate frequently during the day
_have insomnia
_tired when awaken in the morning
_have trouble making decisions

10. Allergies
_soaps and detergents

11. Diseases
_rheumatoid arthritis
_tennis elbow
_painful joints
_Friedreich's ataxia
_sickle cell anemia
_kidney stones

12. Miscellaneous
_Infections take a long time to heal
_Do you work around mercury?
what capacity?_______________
_what medications are you taking that have mercury in them?

13. Dental History
_had silver amalgams
_had gold fillings
_have gold fillings now
_removable metal bridge
_gold bridge
_porcelain caps (crowns)
_non-precious crowns
_root canal
_root canal now
_metallic taste in mouth
_burning sensation in mouth
_increased flow of saliva
_have more than half your teeth

Other Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity, compiled by Marie Flowers

heat, burning, tingling, soreness, itching of the the scalp
burning muscles in the back and neck, burning ears
feeling movement in the brain
aching of the bones at the base of the skull
sounds of crackling, popping at base of brain
headaches right after eating
muscular aches in areas of the body where previous injuries have occured
double vision
crossed eyes (see Carol's story below)
chronic bladder infections, see Carol's story
legs feeling so heavy like they are weighted down
L'hermitte's Sign (electric shock-like sensations throughout the body)
burning mouth and tongue, see
reactions to electricity and oral galvanism of mouth. Story of medical doctor affected.

Signs and Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam1 by Morton Walker, D.P.M. in his book Elements of Danger, Protecting Yourself Against the Hazards of Modern Dentistry

A series of difficulties characteristic of mercury toxicity affecting the eyes
bleeding from the retina of one or both eyes
dim vision, expecially after exercise
slow and poor accommodation to changes in vision distances
Inability to fix one's gaze
uncontrollable eye movements
eyes drawn to one side
imaginary geometric figures appearing in the visual field, which migrate in a few minutes from the periphery toward the center and slowly disappear
"film" seeming to appear over the eyes
dry eyes
a gray ring forming permanently around the cornea (known as Arcus senilis)
One or more heart difficulties:
irregular hearbeat (palpitations), often together with anxiety
stong pains in the left part of the chest come on

Problems in the upper respiratory tract:
asthmatic breathing troubles, such as a feeling of not being able to inhale
A "cracking" sound in the lower part of the pleural sac, forcing one to cough
red irritated throat
inflammation in the upper airways and pleurisy appearing about a year after the dental treatment with amalgams
difficulties in swallowing

Psychological troubles come on such as:
severe amnesia
constant feelings of tension and strain
difficulty and even impossiblity to control behavior
loss of interest in life
mental or emotion depression

Conditions of the brain, including:
tiredness nearly all the time
a feeling of being "old"
resistance to intellectual work
reduced capacity for work, both for intellectual and physical tasks
reduced powers of comprehension because information does not come through
increased need for sleep
headache about once a week. The headache often is migrainelike, especially induced by weather changes and by prolonged sleep in the mornings

Neurological complications can come on like:
vertigo (dizziness)
facial paralysis, usually on the right side, that is partly permanent
damage to balance and hearing
a painful pull a the lower jaw toward the collar bone

Oral discomforts make their appearance such as:
increased salivation
often-present sour metallic taste
bleeding gums at toothbrushing

Numbers of other symptoms gradually showing up, including:
joint pains, especially increasing about a year after receiving the implantation of amalgam fillings
pains in the lower back
weakness of the muscles with a slowing down of muscular action
feelings of pressure, pains, and paresthesis ("pins and needles") in the region of the liver
gastrointestinal irritation
paresthesis in the region of the lymph nodes under the arms and in the groin
exzema or other skin eruptions

1 Sources: Stock, "Die Defaehrlichket des Quecksilberdampfes"; F. Gasser, "Quecksilberbelastung im Menschlichen Korper durch Amalgam," Med.-Biol. Arbeits und Forschungsgemeinsch (Baden-Baden, Germany: Dtsch. Zahnarzt., 1976): K. D. Jorgensen, "The Mechanism of Marginal Fracture of Amalgam fillings," Acta Odont. Scan. 23 (1965): 347.