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Dress Affordable what dress to wear for second wedding


It's the time of the year again..weddings, weddings & more weddings..can't believe we're in our anniversary month time flies..rewind back to a year ago, both of us were extremely busy with the wedding and honeymoon planning..friends have been asking for tips or recommendations but I didn't have the time to respond..respond to how it really was for now, I finally find the time to write a recommendation, or should I say a review. A review on how this VENUE PROVIDER RUINED MY WEDDING.

Just like every couple, it all started when we were searching for the perfect venue. There were great options but we ended up with this venue, Colonial at Scotts. It was just nice for our small and humble wedding. A small beautiful building with an open space just outside. The location was ideal too; right in the middle of town. Price was not too expensive and so we did book it. Booked it one year in advance. Then, we proceeded with the planning of the other vendors. Little did we know, this venue provider caused hiccup after hiccup.

1st issue, there was a change with the staff that was dealing with us. The lady we booked with was a very nice lady and easy to communicate with. But months later, we went to check on the venue, and found out that there was a change with the staff. Things became complicated when they mentioned they were unaware of our booking. We had to show them our deposit receipt and contract as agreed with the previous lady. The "new" lady was not that pleased when she saw our contract. She kept repeating that we got a very good price and usually the current charges are almost double. That is where I know things won't go well. I guess she is not satisfied that we are not paying as much as some other people. Whatever it is, you are liable to all offers made by your staffs to your customers.

2nd issue, that lady edited/updated some parts of the contract and now we have to follow her terms and charges. It was unfair as one of the reasons we chose the place was due to the package that was offered to us. And suddenly now we have a total different pricing. It was too late for us to turn back and so we make do with it. It was a difference of few hundred dollars but she kept insisting other people are paying much more.

3rd issue, and this is probably the worst of them all. We have been coming down to the venue with our vendors a few times to confirm our floorplan. It was all good. But, out of nowhere, she told us that the open space outside of the building cannot be used anymore. We were supposed to have a tentage together with the building for our guests. We had examples from their previous events and it was beautiful. You can google it if you want. But she said there are some issues with the land agreement with their neighbours. So now, our tentage cannot be put together with the building. Well of course they have a backup plan. Our tentage was then moved to another area, about 10 metres away from the building. A bit more secluded with no wind at all. We didn't agree to it because now it looks like 2 separate events. She assured us that it will be fine and there will be speakers so the guests at the tentage will not be left out. It was 2 months away from the wedding. We had no choice by then. And so we created a whole new floorplan and had to make do with what we have. Dress Affordable what dress to wear for second wedding

4th issue, the wedding day. While we were preparing, we got an update from one of our family members that the speaker was not working! They promised us a staff to be there to help us in case of any issues. Well it was not much of a help. My cousin went all the way to the shopping malls to find new cables for their speakers. We had to rectify it ourselves.

And so the time comes when we finally arrived, only to be informed that now the microphone was not working! We were supposed to be walking in by then but we were just mad furious with all the bullshit. Thanks to our family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen, we proceeded with the wedding anyway. Our job is now to just keep smiling..just keep smiling.. Our emcees had to raise their voices without any mics for the announcements. Not only that, I realized the speaker was not loud enough for the tentage. I felt like I was walking into a funeral. There was no music at all in the tentage. I didn't want to continue with the walk in. But thanks to our friends and families, we went on with it. The music can only be heard once we entered the building. The mic issue was rectified halfway of the event. But I still feel sorry for those at tentage because the speaker was not loud enough and the weather was definitely not good for that tentage area. It certainly felt like there were 2 separate events.

5th issue, the aftermath. It took the lady so long to return us our deposit back. She was supposed to return us around a few weeks after the event but it took her months. It was just a few hundred dollars of deposit and she couldn't find the time to give the money back to us. We had to keep calling her for the money. And it all must have started when she found out that we got a good price and probably didn't want to return our deposit back. We asked for compensation for all the promises that was not met but of course, this venue provider never fail to disappoint. They defended themselves and treat our event like it is.

Well, we moved on. Thinking about all the other things helps us to get over it. Everything else was perfect to us. The food, the dress, the deco, and of course our honeymoon.

To be honest, I am not very particular with weddings but..this incident just bothers me with how things turn out. I would just like my families and friends to know about this and not to experience the shit that we went through. Please tell your families and friends to be careful. Don't make the same mistake as we did.