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Wonderful Page here is my story. Psychologist tried to label me low IQ, oh she picked the wrong person to mess with, you would not believe all the stuff I have done to correct this wrong, IQ tests have no place in Psychiatry and its left on your record. Only crime was coming of Anti-depressant medication. Well you know I am kind of glad it happened, as I got to see what goes on. Psychologist Katarina Timulovka tried to label me as an low IQ when I was very sick in St Vincent' ... s Hospital Fairview, not very bright giving someone who is mentally unwell an IQ test and then refusing to take it off their record when you send in evidence of High IQ. Way to go making Mental Health patients feel like shit. And plenty maybe unfortunate enough to not be able to stand up for themselves, or to unwell. Wow Psychologists they have low self esteem why not give them a push of the pier they could be suicidal and your telling them they are not bright.Scumbags!! Psychological Abuse and you use so called scientific instrument to get away with it. DressAfford designer collections for wedding in short

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