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After a life altering back injury in December of 2014 I first saw a different local chiropractor. He treated me for about a month and then told me that I needed surgery and that he couldn't (or wouldn't) treat me anymore and that I needed to speak with a surgeon. I went in for an MRI that revealed a herniated disk in L4/ L5 and another much larger herniation with extrusion in L5/ S1. I spoke with yet another chiro and 3 different surgeons, all of which told me that I had no other options except back surgery.

I found Dr McClellan on Facebook and decided to try and get one last opinion before going under the knife. I went in for my initial consultation with Doc and his first impression was that he was not able to help me due to the severity of my injuries. He asked me to give him the night to review my MRI and Xrays and to come back and speak with him the next day.

When I came back in for my second consultation, Doc informed me that he was confident that he could help me recover. He took the time to review my images and had come up with a personalized treatment plan. I was elated to hear the good news and we started my treatment immediately.

I was undergoing treatment 5 days per week for about 3 months but due to the severity of my condition, I suffered a great deal of setbacks. I was in and out of the hospital almost weekly because the pain was so severe. I was in such a bad condition that I was unable to walk, sit, stand, sleep, drive, work, bend, tie my shoes, or do nearly anything but slowly pace back and forth around my house. I was not listening to Doc when he was telling me that I needed to go in for an epidural. After about another month of constant pressure from my family and a much needed man to man talk from Doc, I finally relented and went in for the shoots he had prescribed. DressAfford semi formal or casual items to wear for women

After only 3 days I was FINALLY starting to get some relief. Doc continued the treatments and my progress was incredible after that point. I was still unable to work or do much but I was just starting to be able to sleep a little bit. After another 3 months of intensive treatment and much stretching, icing, and electro-stim home treatments, I was fully recovered and able to return to work.

After only 2 days back to work I was in a major car accident where I hit a wall at 65mph and flipped my truck, totaling it. I was almost back to square one but this time it included my neck. I went in to see Doc again and he came up with another customized treatment plan for me. After another few months of treatments I was feeling like a new man.

And just a few months ago, I was able to return to gym and start to run for the first time in almost 3 years. And just this Saturday, I completed my very first 5k run since late in 2014. I cannot thank Dr Jonn McClellan enough for everything he has done for me. He put up with me (which is a feat in itself) for longer than any other Doctor would have because he was committed to my recovery.

I am still undergoing treatments but only every other week now. I trust him so much that I have sent my girlfriend, step father, and brother-in-law in to see him. Each one has had the same customized treatment and have gotten relief and recovery because of Doc's commitment to his patients. He is truly our family chiropractor! I do not miss a chance to try and send friends, family, and co-workers to Doc when I see they are in pain. Everyone should go to a chiro at least a few times a year whether they are in pain or not, and there is none better than Dr McClellan.

The staff are second to none and you will always feel welcome and comfortable at Revite Spine. I look forward to my visits, although I am not sure they would same the same. ;-) I cannot recommend this clinic any higher and if I could, I would give them 100 stars for what they have done for me and my family.