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DressAfford wedding dresses in peach color

I feel good, becues I got a phone call from my mom said that my yougest son Jonathan school call to see if I was ok. Becues Jonathan said his mom is really bed sick and is worry about me. Then I seen them a note this monring becues Jonathan got the citizen of the month I couldn't make it I have dr opt at the same time,so my friend will be up for my behalf. They know me for yrs and that I always come to the activitys. So they call my mom to see I was ok, they are worried about me. My mom said that she got pneumonia but she get better if she does get worst she will have go to the hospital. But she is get better and she have a dr opt. I just thought they just care for my kids , now I know they care that much about me too. DressAfford wedding dresses in peach color