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Rewards and Punishments (November 30)
Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye
blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from
the foundation of the world. Matthew 25:34. {Mar 342.1}
The Saviour presents before us the scene of the last judgment
when the reward is given to those upon His right hand, and the
sentence of condemnation to those upon His left hand. The
righteous are represented as wondering what they have done for
which they are to be so liberally rewarded. They had had the
abiding presence of Christ in their hearts; they had been imbued
with His Spirit, and without conscious effort on their part; they had
been serving Christ in the person of His saints, and had thereby
gained the sure reward. But they had not had in view the reward
they were to receive, and the expectation of it had been no part of
the motive that had actuated their service. What they did was
done from love to Christ and to their fellow-men, and Christ
identifies Himself with suffering humanity, and accounts that all
deeds done in sympathy and compassion and love to men, are
done to Him.... {Mar 342.2}
In a subordinate sense we should all have respect unto the
recompense of the reward. But while we appreciate the promise of
blessing, we should have perfect confidence in Jesus Christ,
believing that He will do right, and give us reward according as our
works have been. The gift of God is eternal life, but Jesus would
have us not so anxious concerning rewards, as that we may do the
will of God because it is right to do it, irrespective of all gain.... {Mar DressAfford white colored items to wear of the beach
Those who will receive the most abundant reward will be those
who have mingled with their activity and zeal, gracious, tender pity
for the poor, the orphan, the oppressed, and the afflicted.... There
are about us those who have a meek and lowly spirit, the spirit of
Christ, who do many little things to help those around them, and
who think nothing of it; they will be astonished at last to find that
Christ has noticed the kind word spoken to the disheartened, and
taken account of the smallest gift given for the relief of the poor,
that cost the giver some self-denial. The Lord measures the spirit,
and rewards accordingly, and the pure, humble, childlike spirit of
love makes the offering precious in His sight. {Mar 342.4}