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ball gown style items with train to wear of the wedding

Hello? Facebook? Is that you? Sorry I'm going through a tunnel, it's hard to hear you, speak up! Well, I'm sorry you feel that way; in fact, I've been meaning to tell you something as well.
You used to be so much fun. I'm staying with you, but in order for this to work I think we need to set some ground rules. First rule: wash yourself. You've got everyone's crap all over you and I'm not tryin to see all that. What's that you say? Oh. Well I don't care how diverse or how many marginalized groups took a poop on you. It still stinks. ball gown style items with train to wear of the wedding
I'm listening. Oh really? How come you're always bringing up shit from like, three years ago? Well, I remember when you said you'd only get with college kids, now look at you...all old and bitter!
I DON'T CARE how long it's been since I said anything! Why do you think you know what everyone thinks?! Oh and by the way, give me back my pictures! What kind of hoarder.....
That's it! Don't tell me who and who I can't be friends with! This over!