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black and white prom formal wears

Happy Saturday morning folks. I had the joys of sleeping a good night and the joys of sleeping in. My dreams last night was something else. Big resort with all kinds of fun activities my adult friends and i got to enjoy. Things went good, things went bad, but i would have to say 90% of the ppl in my dream i knew. I went around looking at the faces. Many loved and helped and protected me and help me get around when in my dream times got tough, and these bad ppl would come to try and clear is out of the place we grouped up and won the battle, and party on from there. i didn't drink or do the drugs that were flying around the rooms. There used to be a time i'd wake up all sweaty and pissed right up i snorted cocaine in my dreams. to be honest that must be a year now that i do not consume in my dreams. The other thing is that I lost my canoe in this white water river slash water slide tub journey. i was told it would exit this side exit port i guess and when i removed the cover only shit was flowing out, wasn't at all the right door. Also it was always a girl that was willing to team and with me and give me a hand tackle the tasks at hand. Never the same girl thou. I keep having dreams of these group like places. We can either be in a group in a resort in the bush, a hotel in the city, resort by the ocean, but we do a lot of traveling that is for sure. Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and by foot, black and white prom formal wears

White water rapids, sewer of shit, hotel in the city, good friends and family, i lost a canoe of importance and something out of my bag i was trying to find when i discovered the shit sewer. Also every girl i met in my dream, was willing to jump right in and help me out. My dream so yes good looking women were helping me of course haha. I can't help but say i had a interesting night. That dream was one long running dream. I would awaken to use the bathroom and when back to sleep the dream just continue. no retakes and not multiple dreams.

I feel pretty good this morning, I feel more rested then usual when i wake up. I have let go of some, to accept in some new. I do hope to gain focus and wrap up a few personal things like my pardon, EI, Second Career, Medical travels to the big city of Toronto, and start looking for housing options in the city of Timmins. I'm not flip flopping I am Shifting slowly.

Have a great Saturday Friends
Lots of Love