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bohemian styled items to wear of the wedding

I don't usually do this, but Fronks made a monmental screw up yesterday. Not sure what the problem was, but management needs to know.
I called in an order yesterday afternoon, (about 3:30). Not a busy time at all. I ordered the fish & chips plate, and a jalapeno, bacon, cheese burger, with zucchini strips as my side. The watress confirmed my order and asked if cole slaw was OK as the side for my fish & chips, and confirmed I wanted my burger medium rare. I told her I'd be there in about 20minutes.
When I got there and gave the hostess my name for a call in order and confirmed with her what I had ordered, I handed her my credit card, she handed me the slip to sign, and went back to the kitchen to retrieve my order. The slip was a bit light, so I waited for her to return so I could again verify my order.
She told me the order was for fish & chips, a side of zucchini, and jalapeno mac n cheese. I informed her of the error. I was in a hurry, so I told her I'd take what they had put in. She went back to the kitchen, and came back a few minutes later to ask if I wanted the chips that came with the fish n chips. I told her at this point I had already been here 10 minutes longer than I thought I would be. Could she bring me what she ordered, so I could leave. She again disappearded and returned with a bag about 7 minutes later.
Now if the order confusion wasn't bad enough. 1.) I was there more than15 minutes. More than enough time to redo or get my order correct. 2.) When I got home, (I live 1 block away). My fish had not even been drained. It was 3 pieces of fish, stuck together, wrapped in a paper bag. My zucchini was only 2 pieces, which is a normal side order, but if the order was zucchini, it usually comes in 4 or 6 pieces. The zucchini was barely cooked and not really coated at all. (I love your zucchini, this was not the zucchini I love) And my mac n cheese, must have been the end piece. Lots of pancho and jalapenos, not much cheese and very, very, very, dry. bohemian styled items to wear of the wedding
The saddest thing in all this was, I had just been bragging about you and your food to my beautician. I told her she really needed to come try you out. You were worth the drive. I'm not so sure after yesterday. I'm hoping this was a one off and doesn't happening again.