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boho formal dresses

I paid a visit to Iwara village in Ola-oluwa local government of Osun state where my grandma is living. I met a very young girl which I couldn't hold the strange question she asked me. Her age is between 12 to 13yrs.

She asked
Why God created woman with hymen(virginity) and man don't have and what can a lady do to prevent a man from deflowering her until he pays her pride price?

I looked at her for some couple of minute, thinking why this young girl will be asking such a question at her age.
Then I answered her,
Women was created as jewelry and flower to beautify this world, women are even more expensive than gold and diamond.
You know the stress one will go thru to get those diamond and gold. It takes some days to get it.
woman must not cheap herself for any reason for man. And to keep yourself, don't mingle with non mahram man, lower your gaze while walking, dress modestly and focus much on your carrier to distract your attention from man. boho formal dresses

Remember that you are much more expensive than gold and diamond and you must not cheap yourself for man for any reason.