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Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia in which the body temperature is elevated dramatically.
Heat stroke is a medical emergency and can be fatal if not promptly and properly treated.
The cause of heat stroke is an elevation in body temperature, often accompanied by dehydration.
Symptoms of heat stroke can include
the absence of sweating, and
Heat stroke is diagnosed by observation of the symptoms and signs in a person exposed to extreme temperatures.
Heat stroke is treated by cooling the victim is a critical step in the treatment of heat stroke. Always notify emergency services immediately if heat stroke is suspected.
The most important measures to prevent heat strokes are to avoid becoming dehydrated and to avoid vigorous physical activities in hot and humid weather.
Infants, the elderly, athletes, and outdoor workers are the groups at greatest risk for heat stroke.
Leaving infants, children, or animals in cars poses a risk for heat stroke. Even in moderate weather, the temperature inside a closed car can reach dangerous levels.

How do you treat a heat stroke victim?

Victims of heat stroke must receive immediate treatment to avoid permanent organ damage. First and foremost, cool the victim.

Get the victim to a shady area, remove clothing, apply cool or tepid water to the skin (for example, you may spray the person with cool water from a garden hose), fan the victim to promote sweating and evaporation, and place ice packs under the armpits and groin. bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve
If the person is able to drink liquids, have them drink cool water or other cool beverages that do not contain alcohol or caffeine.
Monitor body temperature with a thermometer and continue cooling efforts until the body temperature drops to 101 to 102 F (38.3 to 38.8 C).
Always notify emergency services (1021) immediately. If their arrival is delayed, they can give you further instructions for treatment of the victim.

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