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bridesmaid wears look glittered and shiny

The feeling of a finished product...Daybreak.

Sometimes we make things that are rooted in memories...our lives infused into different projects or things we create. Most of the time that's what I do with the projects I touch. For this one I drew on a very specific place from my youth.

In between my hometown of Lompoc and Santa Barbara is a beach and surf spot called Tajiguas. We used to camp and surf and soak up the ease of youth; smiles, bad stance and sunburns. Clarity of memory takes me to drift wood campfires at night with mornings inhaling fresh coffee, the smoky embers of a long burned firepit, and the sweet muskiness of amber oak and the mossy (south) central coast air. Those scents and that order, drove the sensory input for this candle. So office, and my kitchen, dance with that sense memory...and I'm smiling ear to ear. In less than a week I'll pull off the highway and wander down a trail onto that beach...pulling that scent back to a foundation...restocking the mind and making room for the next moment plant itself for the next candle. bridesmaid wears look glittered and shiny

Stay might be able to catch this for sale at The Stashed in San Francisco.

More info to come.