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[I have felt for a month or so that I need to share something with you. I don't feel worthy. I don't feel adequate. But I've had 5 confirmations that this is what I should do. It's long, but I hope you will hear me. If you think I'm a nut ... well ... what can I say? I feel a little like one.]
For me:
Speak what I tell you to speak.
So here goes:
A word I was given before for a church is now given for God's people.
The enemy is at war right now. They (Satan and his army) are fighting God's chosen ones. They are picking off God's mighty ones. We must rededicate ourselves. We must make God our priority instead of our hobby. We must recognize our leaders, our warriors, and pray for them daily ... pray for ourselves daily. The enemy is warring against us all. They are taking out the mighty, one by one, while we watch. We must back up our leaders ... bear arms for our leaders. We must stop running and hiding. We have gone to a safe place to hide each time the enemy comes and we think they don't know where we are or that they don't know we are a threat. The fact is, we are not the threat we think we are. The enemy knows where we are and knows they pushed us to this place we only think is safe. They are ready to come in and destroy the rest of us at any time they choose. We have a form of Godliness but deny the power. We need to become the threat ... renew our lives in Christ. Pick up our armour that has been lying here and there, wherever we left the pieces. We need to fight for the weak and launch an attack to bring back our lost loved ones. budget-saving bridesmaid apparels in coral
Jesus will come soon. Will he find faith?
We need to be without spot or wrinkle. We need to stop being lukewarm. We NEED to be filled with the Holy Ghost and fire! It is time to stop giving up and giving in and we need to fight till Jesus comes. Stop hiding. WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED. RETURN FIRE!!!