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chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

Love everything about this.

Pink dresses for the women's march and so much more (see original post).

Love that it is on Dance Brigade's Dance Mission 's new building.

Love that it was put up by family member Keith Hennessy without evening knowing that this will one day be our forever home. Those ties run deep.

Keith Hennessy added 5 new photos — with Seth Eisen and . 23 hrs ·

Pink Party (Women's March 2018)

In 2001 I started collecting dresses - wedding, bridesmaid, prom & party dresses - and painting them with pink house paint until they were stiff and sculptural. Many dancers wore these dresses as part of the Pink Party performances in SF in 2001-02 where we ranted against the rent being too high, about the SF police killing of Idris Stelley at the Metreon, about the Italian cops killing Carlo Giuliani at the anti-globalization actions in Genoa. We took the idea of Pink Bloc and swirled it into a street activist dance poem. For 17 years I've had these dresses and it was finally time to release them, give them a second life as street art. For a short time only you might catch them on 18th Street near Mission (future home of Dance Mission!!!). chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching