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consignment wears for formal party

At the age of 19 I always tell myself I have nothing but time...why rush into such big commitments or responsibilities? I really don't see the point. Get married when the time is right not just because you "wanna grow up"and try on dresses and design a wedding with your friends. Seems fun and it will be one day. Babies are cute trust me I'd steal one if I could...but you really have to step back and look at things. I swear half of the girls I graduated with have babies...and it's like omg I can't even imagine having a child right now. Aww she's so cute....starts crying I give the child back to mom or dad. Well when it's your baby you can't give it back. Life has many surprises and many obstacles and things don't always go as planned I understand that. I just feel this generation needs to WAKE UP and really understand this.... consignment wears for formal party