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Janet Tindle , Shirlyene Cook , Hazel Pottinger . I had more adventures today. I had a flat on my nearly, new tire. It is the kind that you can drive 50 miles on while it is flat. I managed to drive 49 miles to Discount Tire in Waco and they repaired it promptly because I am a regular with flat tires. We live where we have a one lane dirt and gravel road and nails seem to " float" about like leaves on the road. ( Hide and seek) ........
On my next stop I got out of the car and locked my keys inside. (I was still in freak- out land because of the flat tire). Fortunately I have 2, not 1, but 2 road services ( So I do not overload them with business). The serviceman promptly came out and I had to show him how to take his instruments and unlock the car. (He was either new or drunk). I have watched enough times that I can do it!
I drove on my MERRY way and went through the drive through at Taco Bell. I ordered my usual 7 layer burrito and FREE senior drink. They reduced the drink from 6 inches to about 1/2 an inch cup so I had to keep going through the drive through to get enough 1/2 inch cups to make a regular size drink. (Driving round and round can make you dizzy). I took a bite of the burrito and almost broke a tooth. Some rice was cooked and some was hard as rocks. The rice was covered in delicious GOO stuff. So, being the particular person I am, I ate it anyway. crop top cocktail gowns
Now I am waiting on my car to be serviced and wondering what will happen next in dear old Waco, Texas land.......???? ( I could see how many free donuts I can eat while waiting).