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High blood pressure or hypertension leads to different diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidneys, eyes, and chronic heart failure. Therefore, it is very important to keep your blood pressure normal range such as between 120/80. A physician should give the following lifestyle advice to a person who has diagnosed with hypertension. The primary cause of the hypertension is excessive salt intake. Therefore, a person can control his or her blood pressure by reducing the amount of salts in his diet, and he or she should eat diet rich in potassium such as bananas, dates, nuts, and different colorful vegetables, and fruits like berries. Potassium is a mineral which is the enemy of the sodium. I would like to say that salt is everywhere in our diet except fruits and vegetable, therefore, people should pay close attention when they put something into their mouth. In addition, a person should do excercise, and research shows that excercise lower the blood pressure. They are different ways to do excercise such as walking, running, swimming, gardening, playing a sport, and hiking. Furthermore, a person should completely avoid processing food because they are loaded with sodium and other minerals which increase blood pressure. Moreover, a person should avoid smoking and alcohol drinking. And, a person should try to avoid stress because stress leads to hypertension; therefore, a person should think positively, forgive others, and love others. There are other ways that can decrease your blood pressure such as smiling to others, respect others, love one other, and having a social life. In addition, a person can try to have social bonding with their loved ones, and they can talk and laugh with one another which can reduce blood pressure. The medication is the most important when the above factors did not work, therefore, a person should take his or her blood pressure regularly. He should take the blood pressure medication in the morning because research shows that blood pressure is high during the morning and low at night. I will suggest a person should check his blood pressure before taking the blood pressure medications at home, for example, when I have low blood pressure, and I take the blood pressure medication, it can lead to hypotension and in rare case to coma or unconsciousness. I would to mention a person should sleep at least 6-7 hours per night. I would also recommend to avoid excessive intake of other minerals such as copper, iron, etc because these are minerals and they can increase blood pressure. high low asymmetrical wedding selections