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items with emerald green color to wear of the prom

I guess no one will actually read this but mad enough going to write it anyways. Now I know on the long list of things customer service is on the very bottom of the list with Wal-Mart but this is beyond out of line. Placed a order for a outdoor play set for my son. Only Christmas present he wanted. Was shipped in two boxes by two different shipping companies, why two companies and not on the same pallet is beyond me. So of course the one of two box gets lost. It's 8 foot long and suppose to be 2 feet by 2 feet and suppose to weigh 150lbs somehow gets LOST. Was suppose to have been at the store for pick up Nov 20th. So we have been on the phone with the VERY LOOSELY TERMED customer service since then. Do they say "we will call the shipping company and find out what is happening"?? NO, they say do it yourself. Even knowing it's going to their store. So after days of that they tell us to of course call the store. Manager at the store says they are out of stock so nothing he can do we need to call customer service. They are now back in stock but because there has now been a price increase we can pay the extra $150 and they will ship a new one to replace the one they lost and we have NOT been refunded on. What a joke!!! Thanks for screwing up a 5yo kids Christmas. Now I get to scramble around and see if I can find one like it or watch my kid wake up and run to see if it's outside which it won't be. Maybe Wal-Mart should stop paying so much attention to dropping prices and take a look at something that goes much further and lasting called CUSTOMER SERVICE. items with emerald green color to wear of the prom