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I'm watching a movie that "THE ROCK" (Dwayne Johnson) made, it is called "A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE". This movie is about young men in jail and how they are trying to give them a second chance at life by allowing them to attend a Boot Camp program for 120 days and at the end IF they survive they are able to go home. This movie is heart wrenching because the more I look at it the more I see how lost I was by the decisions I made growing up as an adolescent not knowing better or at least playing like I don't and then to lose my father to cancer at such a young age it just took me from being focused to just losing my mind without even being aware of what was happening right in front of my eyes.. Life is truly experienced only on life terms, meaning no matter how many times someone else tells you what's right from wrong one is always going to do what one wants to do until one experience what has been taught and one learn from one's own experiences. This movie is very touching and it has touched very close to home for me because I have family and friends that are incarcerated and my brother and best friend are among the incarcerated and it tears me apart daily knowing they are gone away from my life here in the flesh in everyday society. This is not an easy thing to deal with but one must be strong to endure the facts of life. Watching this movie I couldn't help but to think of all of my own folks who are in jail and fighting to come home because some will never see the light of day and that hurts me dearly knowing this is true. I know if they had the opportunity to make a more sounder decision than the one made that landed them where they are, I know they would choose to rather be home with their families, children wives, husbands and friends. The one thing I did enjoy about this one particular movie is that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) gave these young men a way out to make it back home to their families to the ones that truly love them. This Boot Camp story honestly taught them where they went wrong and how it feels to miss the ones they love and that there is a way to do the right thing if you have the will to make the right decisions when the wrong situations come upon them. They let these young men know It is okay to say NO when trouble (the devil) comes along and tries to convince them that wrong is right and right is wrong, and that they have the opportunity to MAKE A CHOICE to choose to do right or wrong. They also now know that they have to pay the consequences of their actions so God willing they choose to do the right thing by making the right decision to walk away than doing the wrong thing and ending up in trouble. Some of these young men had 60 years, 30 years and LIFE sentences and was given the opportunity to start over again once again in this thing called LIFE. LORD please give those that deserve another chance at life as we know lived on the streets in society, as these same young men were given. latest chic wedding collections at affordable price

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
The Courage to change the things that I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.