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lavender or purple colored items to wear for the wedding

So, I have something I need to share with everyone I know and love. I have been feeling under the weather and in a severe amount of pain (This is due to an infection in my tooth; I later learned by a return visit earlier this morning. It has gotten so bad I went to the ER nearly in tears with an ice pack on my face.) My first visit to the ER, November 25th, they took my vitals, as usual, and asked me when the first day of my last cycle was, I told her Oct. 13th-15th; mine are extremely irregular so I thought nothing of it. They had me take a test, as always, so I did as they asked and waited for what seemed like hours; feeling sick makes time seem slower. Well, they suddenly rolled in with an ultrasound machine and told me I tested positive for pregnancy, they estimated me around 5-6 weeks pregnant, at the time, which caught me off guard due to the preventative measures I take. My boyfriend and I have talked about it and plan on carrying the baby to term for I don't believe in abortion, and despite us using protection this must have happened for a reason. God must have plans for us, so we accept this gift He has given us. I fear this may not be well received, but again we took caution and this is what we received; I feel surprisingly calm and happy. I pray to God that you share my joy. I have an OB appointment today, and I am praying for a healthy baby. lavender or purple colored items to wear for the wedding