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maid of honor garments in royal purple

The 4 of us, all trustees of International Council for Ifa Religion. Doesn't this picture lovely to see? Can we bring back our unity? It seems some people are giving up hope to achieve this. Never lose hope for the unity of Ifa. We are all children of the same father, Orunmila. We shouldn't let the Christians and Muslims laugh at us. We must succeed. As a reminder, this follows :- maid of honor garments in royal purple

Restoring sanity in our cherished Yoruba Tradition.

I woke up this morning not feeling too good due to the situation you all know, "instability of our heritage". I consulted Ifa and the Odu, "Ogbe Yonu" was cast. The sacrifice has been done.

I had no choice than to release this information.

As the youngest Trustee of International Council for Ifa Religion, I am inviting the following concerned Ifa Practitioners to my Palace at Oworonsoki on 26th December 2017 for another chance to settle our differences.

1. Oluwo Solagbade Popoola
2. Dr. Oloye Abiodun Agboola
3. Oloye Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode
4. Oloye Olakunle Oligbinde
5. Oloye Fakunle Oyesanya
6.Oloye Lanre Okemuyiwa
7.Oloye Olatunji Aresa
8. Babalawo Adewale Bogunmbe
9. Akomolafe Wande
10. Araba Oso Adewale
11. Oloye Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni
12. Oloye Kehinde Idowu-Fagbohun
13-16 shall be named later.

I decided to leave our elders because our resolution shall be passed to them.
I picked Boxing Day so that we can box ourselves to restore unity(just a joke) from 12 noon to 2pm so that we can return to our respective homes.

Meanwhile we can go on with our duties to promote our heritage. We must avoid utterances that will bring further problems. The youths must always respect the elders and the elders must show affection to the youths, so Ogbe Yonu has spoken.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let us give peace a chance.

Stay blessed

Yours sincerely

Oloye Awodiran Okanlawon Ayinde Agboola
Asoju Awo Agbaye, Ile Ife
Araba of Oworonsoki Land, Lagos Nigeria
Trustee, International Council for Ifa Religion.

Please, indicate your intention to attend or not so that we can include other people not listed.

I am also inviting people whose interest will be for the progress of our cherished heritage. Let me know so that I can plan for you.

It's just 23 days to put motivating legacy for our coming generations. Please let us put smiles on the faces of all Ifa and Orisa practitioners in the coming year of 2018.

Olodumare bless Nigeria, Africa and the World in general. Ase.

Yours faithfully

My humble names already stated above.