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maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much


_Final page_

Rahila was promptly taken to the hospital by her confused and disturbed mum seeing how her condition was deteriorating.
She was diagnosed to be carrying a three weeks old pregnancy and had also sustained a lung disease due to smoking and taking alcoholic substances.
"No this can't be! She's too young to have such chronic issues!'re nothing other than a quack Doctor!", Rahila's mum spat at the doctor's face while picking up her weak daughter.
" Ma'am with due respect I'm just letting you go just because of your sick daughter coz I can sense that you lack sense of humor.. Who are you to tell me what I'm supposed to say to you as the result of your sick child?! After letting them loose and then come back home with surprises,you begin to open your shameless mouth and rant rubbish!..I won't waste my time on you! Just handle your kpalava and suit yourself!! ",the Doctor barked at her feigning hurt for calling him a quack doctor.
"Yes you're a quack doctor and nothing but a baseless,useless and unlearned quack doctor! I'm taking my daughter to a professional and certified Doctor right away!", she yelled as she turned her back to leave.
"If you like go to all the hospitals in the world,it'll never change the result of the shame you've brought upon yourself and your daughter coz you caused it all,you don't look like a responsible mother...twat!",, he replied as he walked away.
Passersby lamented over the short drama..while others were feeling sorry for Rahila's mum,others were busy raining curses on her.... *IRONY OF LIFE*....


To the audience and passersby... Do not pock nose into people's affairs.. You don't know what really happened,you don't know the pain they're going through, you've not walked the path of life which they have walked upon.. Don't judge people according to calamity that befalls them! Wallahi they might be doing better than you in terms of training the child and giving them good morals,but that's how Allah destined it to's a test from Allah upon them!
Do you know what calamity shall befall you also? Neither you nor I know what the future holds.! Stop judging people blindly..Even if you were present while they were committing that sin,don't judge them,call them and hear from them... "Hey! What made you to engage yourself in such act? You're a good girl/boy...I believe you must certainly have a reason behind this..please share it with me,maybe I can be of help to you", talk in a polite way to them.. They'll feel loved and cared for and will probably share their problems with you even of not at that instant.. Coz people like them find it difficult to trust. maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much
Some young ladies are being raped by their own biological fathers,paternal or maternal relatives or even someone they trusted so much and in the process if they can't control their stamina,they begin to follow men about or even small boys who aren't even capable of being a shirt for themselves just for him to quench her desire...
But Rahila's case is different. Hers happened as a result of the parents negligence towards training and bringing them up into children the society will be proud of.
There are many parents out there who've lost their children to the trends of the society and are enchanted with the charms of Satan who whispers into the heart of mankind!
They've gone so far and lost that they do not hear or even take heed when being admonished....
They've no respect for their parents for it drenched away bit by bit while they were seeking the attention of their parent but were being shouted at or sent away..
Take heed before its too late.. If possible pick your children uo by themselves, they'll feel loved and cherished. Serve them their launch after refreshing themselves by bathing and praying.. There's no other refreshment other than this!
If you've a daughter or a son who's old enough to help you in the kitchen,let them join you in serving their junior ones and themselves.
Teach them table manners.. Sit with them and be going through their books as they devour their food.
When you see something odd,scold them but beware *praising should always come before scolding!.. "Oh Aneesa you really did well in the classwork...that's very good of you! But next time make sure you stay calm while answering questions so that teacher won't score you zero dear! I know you're a gem!"*..
The child will feel happy and will surely do as you say. Parents this is how to correct your child and not the other way round.. You scold, scold, and scold without praising them..
The feel downcasted and dull and therefore enjoy the company of whosoever praise them when they do either good or bad...
*Help them with their assignments* it'll make them to develop more zeal and interest in learning...
*create a leisure time for just them*.it increases the family bond between you and children.
Have time for them!
Create time for them!
Take care of them for they are fragile!
Nurture them!
Tell them you love them!
Peck and hug them in every situation, it'll calm their nerves!
Don't misuse your little time given to you by Allah to train your kids!
This time will never come back!
Don't be part of those who'll bit their fingers and lament in regret when its too late!

Those who have ear let them hear!


Back to Rahila's story!

Her Mum eventually took her to three different hospitals who still proved the other Doctor to be right!
Her world crumbled immediately the news hit her eardrum. She was bitter,disappointed,ashamed and above all in regrets of what she'd to the future of her beloved innocent child!
She carried the already weak girl to the car as the tears of guiltiness steamed down her chin.
What a life!

They arrived home only to meet Rahila's father relaxing on the three seater couch with an unfamiliar lady.
She didn't even bother to greet him after lying Rahila down on one of the couch and dropping the drugs prescribed to them on the side table.
The Doctor told her there's a chance of Rahila loosing the pregnancy coz her system is still fragile and therefore can not harbor a child in her womb.
"Who's she?", Rahila's mum asked while pointing at the beautiful young lady sitting comfortably beside Rahila's father and cuddling Rahila's little kid sis.
"My wife!".
" your what?!!..haha you must be joking..young Lady who are you and what are you doing here?",Rahila's Mum asked impatiently.
"Calm down Umm Rahila... I'm his second wife and I mean no harm to you!", Amirah cooed.
" if I give you a resounding slap ehn? You'll just find yourself outside my compound! Now leave before I show you the other part of me!"she said violently.
"Mummy why are you shouting? I've a new Mummy here and I love her...Daddy and her took me to yahuza spot after school and you don't do that to me!", Afnan blurted childishly.
" Ke! zan karya ki fah! (I'll break you!)..get out of my sight",she yelled as she dragged the girl out of her step mother's hold.
Afnan pouted her lips angrily and left for their room.
"Please don't create a sin here... I'm allowed to marry more than one madam..and probably I needed one who'll take care of me and my kids and that's why I took in another wife when I travelled to Kebbi. She mean no harm,just be a little bit polite Dan Allah.... Qurratu aynee let's go to your apartment", he said gently and took the bride with him as Rahila's mum stood transfixed watching her life being crashed just because of recklessness.
He's always complained about her busy schedules, yet she didn't adjust and so he began to stay less at home by travelling and doing his businesses himself instead of sending his boys to do it.

She slumped to the floor on her knees and cried her heart out. Rahila fathered the little strength she had and crawled to her Mum.
" Mum you see what you've caused koh?! You shattered my dreams of being the best in anything good I never sat me down and talked to me lovingly neither do you care about my change of moods until I went wild and couldn't be controlled that's when you realised and called me back..but the deed has been done.. Thanks for turning your baby into a whore!...I pray our new Mum loves me better than you do..",Rahila said painfully and then stood up and staggered away to her room.
Her heart broke upon hearing Rahila's heartbreaking words.. She wished she never engaged in a business at all... She wished and wished but all the wishes cannot be fulfilled coz what she never expected hit her directly at the face!


Rahila lost the pregnancy three weeks later and had been getting along with her step mom and so were the other kids..
Amirah dedicated her leisure time to them by telling them beautiful moral stories, taking them out and even teaching them how to bake which they loved so much.
She stole the heart of the family away and Rahila's mum was left lonely in her own world!...
Later own she begged for their forgiveness and tried her best to dedicate her time to them but it never changed their thoughts which they'd about her. Though they still loved her as their Mum.

*The end!*

*_Take heed before its too late!_*