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modest evening dresses

1Timothy 2:10
Beauty begins from inside going outside.A gentle modest,loving character gives a light to the face that cannot be duplicated by even the best cosmetics.The inner beauty pleases God.The outer pleases man.When your inner pleases God you receive favor b4 everyman.Every dress code by both men and women must express submission to and respect for Jesus Christ.2kings 9:30 The motive behind Jezebel painting her eyelids and fixing her hair was to seduce JEHU. modest evening dresses
Jeremiah 4:30 brightening eyes with mascara will do you no Good.
Also there is side effects.Rem Jezebel was killed by Jehu.
Let's honor Christ in the way we appear the way we dress.You're fearfully wonderfully created by God no one can stand a beautiful heart.God bless nice day.