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Walking only 5 feet from center of a trail or off a roadway carries a potential risk of a pet, child or yourself being caught in a steel leghold trap on Idaho State lands. Randy Hickman of McCall learned this firsthand at Little Payette Lake area when his small dog Cora stepped into one of those bone grabbing traps. Randy immediately called Dr. Olin Balch and me concerned about possible trauma injury. But Cora was extremely lucky since Randy heard her yelp and immediately extricated her from the leghold trap because he knew how. Not only do these traps cause possible limb fracture, but they also cause soft tissue damage. And in Cora's circumstances, had Randy not found her she would have been subject to hypothermia due to overnight freezing temperatures in snow, tissue necrosis due to the inflammatory process, shock, or predation, all potentially leading to death. I thank Randy Hickman who contacted mother of the bride dresses for beach wedding Olin and me regarding Cora's injuries for his concern that this be made aware to the general public. Olin and I thank Tom Grote, publisher/editor of Mcall's The Star-News, for publication of this front page story and for Max Silverson's great reporting. It is truly incredulous that setting a steel leghold trap in a public recreation area is acceptable by Idaho State regulation. (Note: A dog owner is likely to be badly bitten in attempting to remove a dog from a steel foothold trap due to fear and pain)