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not long items with white lace decorated

Aziza Peters thank you for moving the lady to me. We spoke for hours. She told me i saved her life today. I revealed this lady people and through a recent dream of hers i discovered her dying day was going to be the night of her dream last wednesday. Sometimes people dont understand why they are under so many attacks since childhood. I was chosen by God for the chosen people of God. This lady is a chosen vessel of God and she couldnt understand why she has been struggling all her life. not long items with white lace decorated

The chosen vessels of God will always be under great attack from evil. This lady wants to get on a bus to come meet me cause she feels its only me that will ever understand her.

Love you to my new friendo. In churchbuildings are alot of God's chosen people that will never be recognised by the pastors and reverands because they themselves are not chosen by God. Its only a chosen vessel that will ever recognise God 's chosen ones.

God cant be mocked!