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sexy evening gowns

Late kaau jd cya na upload...But it doesnt matter as long as I can give my gratitude to those people whom molded and supported me the day before the pageant...To maam Irenne ? ? my best adviser and english teacher and my second mother in school, for trusting me to represent our department(TELHS)..nga maoy nag assist nmo/mentor...Nihilak jd tawn c maam ? ? ? ..I love you maam...To the whole TELHS teachers and faculty, students and even the student teachers....thank you ninyu tanan ? ? ☺️ ? ❤️ ...To my family whom watched the pageant just to support me...To my classmates oh yeah ? Batch walley i love you guys grabe maka advice ug saniy ahong buhaton sa stage on how to look confident and beautiful in front of the crowd..specially mentioned..ahm Sheila Bojo o Sabrine Louise D. Perocho o Robel Symm ..weird thank you sa support pag pictorial ikw ga make up nko tua na face of olympus nuon ko nimo sheila bsin bc nidung jd ka nimo baé your always letting me to think that im the most beautiful among all the contestants ug sa mga jessykej..thank you nimo guardian angel (wako kahebw sa spelling mianhe ? ✌? ️) akong sexy na gwapa,buotan nkong ig agaw no other than melvie di ka matag bebelabsss ? ? ? nidung jd cya from tagbilran to bilar just to watch the pageant supportive kaau nuh? ? ? my photographer budatss kuya aljuvs.. ❤️ ? and to Sherwin Marz nga maoy nitabang nko unconditionally sa akong talent idol na kaau k nko sher...Best in talent na nuon ko tungod nimo sher..To maam aileen sendrijas Aileen Sendrijas Pasagad thank you maam for the gowns and advices ... And to the girl nga maoy nag make up nko pagpageant ahhmmm wla ko kaila...thank you te imo kong gipagwapa..hahaa gwapa bah? ? ? ? ? Mao rmncguro....joke hapit makalimtan ? ? ? ...Hahaha sa ahong barkadang mga hagad pas tanang hagad...(Endangered)..ellaine kyle kyla mae and danicka (sheyts di mo matag pd) ? Guyss the best jd mo maka support naa rmo always sa akong're one of those people whom boosted my confiDence ? ? ? ...thank you guysss sory pd kay wa mo nko matagad pag human sa pageant kay daghan nagpapicture... ? ? ✌? ? ? ? ...always remember lab2 mo nko..dis! ? ✌? ️....thank you guysss i love you all sasama na ako ky grim reaper...hahah joke ? ✌? ️...god bless ? ? ? ❤️ ?

It's already late to take her upload... but it doesn't do matter as long as I can't give you the day before the pageant. This is my best adviser... my best adviser and English teacher and It's my second mother in school, for reminding me to represent our department (Telhs).. I have to help you and mentor.... I love you, ma'am... I love you, ma'am... this is the whole Yahoo, teachers and even the student teachers.... thank you for all my family, I want to see you... this is my family whom watched the pageant... this is my classmates, yeah sexy evening gowns ? batch walley I love You guys, it's too much to give advice to the stage on how to make a look in the stage and beautiful in the front of the crowd.. specially mentioned.. Oh uhm or Robel Symm .. It's weird, thank you for having a pictorial when you are having a pictorial, you have to be up with the face of Olympus, but you are always letting me know.. and you are always letting me know that I'm always letting you know that I'm Jessykej.. Thank you you guardian angel (wako kahebw on spelling mianhe ? ✌? ️)... with my sexy beautiful, I was buotan, I have a very sexy ig, and I can't tag you anymore ? ? ? nidung take her from tagbilran this Bilar just to watch the pageant, you are so supportive? ? ? My photographer budatss brother aljuvs.. ❤️ ? and to Sherwin Marz my talent, idol, you are already unconditionally... best in talent, I was not with you anymore. This is the best talent that I was not with you.. this is Thank you, ma'am. and to the girl who gave me to make up pagpageant ahhmmm, I don't know... thank you, sis, I'm going to know you.. Haha, is it beautiful? ? ? ? ? Mao Rmncguro.... joke near makalimtan ? ? ? ... hahaha at the ahong boys who barkadang them... (endangered).. Ellaine Kyle Kyla Mae and danicka (Sheyts, you can't tag it in the best. You can support it, always rmo my side.. you are one of those people who have been boosted with my confidence ? ? ? ... thank you guys, I'm sorry for you, if you don't want me to be matagad in the pageant ... always remember you love me.. Year! ? ✌? ️.... thank you guys I love you all I will go to grim reaper... haha joke ? ✌? ️... God bless ? ? ? ❤️ ?

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