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Just for the woman on my list:

I might of been a rare case, I don't know, but this has been what I've been going through the last little while.
I am on stelara injections for my psoriasis, and to keep the coverage I had to be on strong birth control pills which were really messing with me emotionally, and physically. So I got a referral to a gynocologist, he suggested the I.U.D.
I was given a prescription for two pills to insert vaginally the night before, to help loosen things to get the IUD in my uterus, this drug is called Misoprostol. So the night before I inserted the pills, and the morning of the procedure I also took the valume I was prescribed to take 30 mins prior to my procedure.

The day I go in I'm told I have to come back for further testing (before the IUD can be put in) because I have a bicornute (heart shaped uterus) and that I will need to come back in a week and if all is good, we can go ahead with the IUD insertion, which meant I had to do the vaginal pill insertion of the Misoprostol again the night before and valume in the morning (never had taken valume prior to this)
So I go back and the doctor tries to get a catheter in me to fill me with some fluid, and see how heart shaped my uterus is, after many proddings, he tells me he can't do it and there is no way he will attempt the IUD and if I wanted the IUD I would need to go to hospital and be put under for it, I said forget that. Anyways, that night I started to have severe bleeding, and pains, felt like contractions (but definitely not pregnant), had severe diarreah and vomiting, became very dehydrated and ended up being taken to the hospital twice, each time being told it was the Misoprostol. Kieran made me go back the second time because I was so dehydrated and ended up on I.V and an anti nausea medication for cancer patients, I could barely walk at this point. After I did research on this medication I found that it was used for more than cervical ripening for procedures, such as IUD, it's also used for abortions and other things. I had said I felt like I was having contractions, and it turns out it causes uterine contractions as well! This has been the week of hell for us, so please if you get an IUD or are ever prescribed Misoprostol, really think about it. I've had a horrific experience and I'm still very sick. short length prom party dresses in black