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silver colored items to wear of the evening

Meet Sky but we have a home in works for her with a family who lost their beloved cocker from us. Maya lost the battle to liver cancer and the family are sad. So when I got this little girl I mentioned it to them. She might be a bit of a mix or not. I have never in my life seen so many dogs bought as puppies and people do not get vet care. She was dirty appeared to been living outside. She barely weighed with fur 11.6 pounds on Monday. A bit timid but sweet and gentle. We got her shaved down but new photos to come. Trying to feed her small meals to help her gain weight eating puppy food. The owner doesn't really know her age. She could be 8 months, 10 months or as first told a year and a few months. She has a birth defect in the tibia nothing can be done so she picks up the rear leg sometimes. Sky is her name and just came to rescue on Sunday. Took the young girl a week to finally let her go. She did the right thing since she wasn't able to care for her properly. If the former adopters pass she will be available for adoption to another. silver colored items to wear of the evening