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spaghetti evening gowns

"Can someone tell me why I came inside and found you two
in eachother's arms? Whats going on! Darous!" She lashed
out ferociously
I was totally distraught. But i need to start acting very
courageous in times of looming trouble like this. I wasn't
called DarouSMART for being a sissy
"wait, Doyin, what are you insinuating? You want to tell me
I can't talk to a friend?" I said angrily, trying to be elusive
"not that...i know what i not blind Darous, and
when did she became a friend to you?" she fired back
"the moment you introduce me to her, that was when she
became a friend ...please stop crying wolf where there is
none...i hate all this provocative accusations". I stopped
talking and told Lovelyn to excuse us. I dragged Doyin to
the sitting room
"Doyin" I called her softly. I placed my palms on her her
laps, as i began to rub it gently. I could hear a gentle sob
coming from her.
She sniffed a bit and stared at me in the eyes."Darous, I
love you... I swear to gawd, maybe that was why i was
very jealous of seeing you with another woman!"
I placed my hands on both sides of her cheeks
"Doyin, you are just being paranoid...i can't betray you for
anything in this world...i give you my word.. "I said
"does that mean, you are going to leave me later?" she
"ofcourse Doyin, but that later is not now"
"maybe after you've used me and dumped me...right?" she
questioned again
" you have to understand that, I still need to
live my life. I will have to get married someday and have a
family of my own!" I explained softly
"I know that.. But its hard to let go of you...please can you
promise me one thing ?"
"sure...anything for you" I replied
" you...try and stay away from other women?
Atleast until you have your own wife". She said with a
raised eyebrow
'Untop wetin? That can't be possible.. Even if i want to, am
sure my 8 inches will never agree.
I have a lot to lose here, starting with Chioma?Lovelyn?
And who knows Beatrice might come back later..No.. I can't
promise this...Its too unreasonable!? Maybe I should trick
her. She wont know right? Its not as if she will have a
bomb rigged to my konji to go off whenever i fvck another
"you are not saying anything Darous...can't you do that for
me?" she asked with an anxious tone
"its..." i cleared my throat."its kind of hard to do, but I will spaghetti evening gowns
try my best dear...anything for you". I declared elusively
She jumped on me and gave me a resounding kiss. "thank
you dear.. I love you so much". I just hmmnnmmed, as she
continue to lock tongues with me.
"this calls for celebration dear....lets drink to it." she rose
up and approached the freezer behind the dinning chair, and
brought out a Hennessy. She hurriedly went up the stairs
and came back after ten minutes with two drinking glasses.
She handed me the one in her left hand. I opened the
Hennessy and pour us both a semi-filled cups
"to our new found bond!". We chorused that phrase and
drank the glasses to emptiness
Immediately I bottomed my drink, i felt an unusual surge of
feeling run through my body. It clearly wasn't an alcoholic
effect. This is something beyond that. Its somehow
I looked at her and caught a diabolic grin on her face
before i fell into oblivion.
I opened my eyes slowly to the wall bracket lights
illumnating the room. I was on the bed inside the guest
I sat upright and placed my head on the wall
'what happened? Did i faint after drinking just a glass cup
of hennessy? Or Maybe my body is too used to all the
cheap drinks i always drink and now its rejecting the costly
The door opened and Doyin walked in. She was fully claded
in a corporate dress
"thank gawd you are finally awake." she said clasping her
hands together in mid air with expression of joy on her
beautiful face
"what do you mean? You make it sound as if i've been
asleep for too long". I questioned rhetorically
"you have been asleep for almost two days
beginning to get worried". She sighed.
" ok now...but aren't you suppose to be in Italy
today?" I queried
"yes...i was waiting for you to wake flight is
scheduled for the next 2hrs.."she answered
"i would really love to see you off but am kind of weak right journey dear, am gonna miss you"
"same here, but you can't stay here while am gone, cos
Lovelyn is not around, she will be staying with a friend of
mine". She stared at me, probably checking my reactions.
She got none and she continued "I will drop you at your
place before i get dressed." she said and gave me
a nominal smile
Adedoyin dropped me off in front of my house. We baded
each other goodbyes.
I met the absence of the judases at home.
I opened the door and a note dropped on my head. I picked
it up and it reads:
'Hope you've got enough bottles to handle our next visit?
Get ready for us.Bottle Boy.'