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Straight from our testimonials group
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So lets start with my story. some of you already know this!! i started on juice plus in 2014 i did well but then gave up and caved into my old habits again i did this for about a year starting and stopping! in feb 2015 something snapped and i decided enough was enough i have to change i can't be going on being so overnight, hating the way i look and hating myself i had to change!
plus i was getting married in four months time i didn't want to be a fat bride!! so i told myself get back on juice plus you know it works for you, stick with it and see where it goes! so thats what i did, i got back on the shakes and i started to exercise before knew it i was feeling amazing after just s few weeks was a dress size down and loving the confidence coming out andth energy levels were soaring! i set myself mostly goals like to get in a certain top to achieve a certain level of exercise etc... my wedding day was fast approaching snd i went from a size 16 to a 10/12 for my wedding day i was over the moon with pride!!, after the wedding i didn't give up like i thought i would, i carried on i wanted to see how far this journey would take me i always wanted tone back to a size 8 which is what i was before i had my two children. wedding collections With Lace Appliques at discounted price
so after the wedding i threw myself into fitness 4/5 times a week, clean eating and my juice plus shakes and boosters! i was loving life i was me again. in summer 2015 i and a total loss of 7 stone!!! less than a year i did that in so bloody proud of myself!
fast forward a few more months to now and well here i am i am THAT SIZE 8 AGAIN!!! i did it I'm officially the same size i was before i had my kids!! i couldn't have done this without the amazing support of family and friends, without willpower and determination, it just goes to show once your mind is set anything is possible if you want it enough!