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Hey Guys,

Time is in pretty short supply these days, but from my recent observation, I see some guys are concerned about making out with girls

So, I'll list a few quick tips that I've found work well for me. You may have seen a few before if you are in the Game Mastery System since I do draw on this system, but without any further introduction...

Go for the neck!

Making out is not all about kissing her on the lips...for the love of god, spice things up. It's not carved in wood that it must be on the lips. My general rule of thumb is not to stay in one place for more than a minute or so. Anyways, when you are kissing her on the lips, end it by gently sucking on her lower lip or tongue. Take note of "gently", and then slide your lips over her chin and down onto her neck. Once you're there, you can either go with small kisses or more open-mouth techniques. DO NOT suck on her neck, yuck: You don't want to come off like a dog.(trust me on this one, the results ain't good).

I usually will go all over her neck, planting gentle kisses here and there and never stay in the same spot too long. Trust me when I say that a LOT of women enjoy being kissed on their neck.

Go for the ear!

This one usually gets them going pretty aroused...when you're at her neck, kiss along her jawline, and work your way up to her ear. I like to take the lower part of her ear (where most girls have piercings-the lobe) and take it into my mouth, run my tongue over it, suck on it (GENTLY)...I've had a girl do this to me, too, and YES, it feels great. To change things up a bit, VERY GENTLY bite her ear, (no Mike Tyson bulls**t!) this usually gets a nice reaction.

Don't be concerned if she has earrings in her ear...usually, when you go for the ear, she'll stop you if her piercings might fall out or something, or she'll take them most cases, however, you're fine to kiss/suck on or around these earrings, just be careful not to break them or get any of it in your mouth, obviously...

Go for the chest (but don't)!

The way I go about making out, I usually try to get her really fired up through neck/ear/lip work, before I go near the what I do, in most cases, I'll kiss down her neck, and then kiss around her collarbone/upper chest area, ABOVE her breasts, and without going too close to the breasts.(This helps keeps the suspense) Once there occasionally pull back her collar of her shirt/unbutton the top buttons, and kiss near her bra/breasts, but won't go any further...then I'll back off, and then go back soon after...keep doing this, and I've had girls literally push my head further down, onto her breasts. grin This leads to my next tip...

Be a tease!

The whole point of making out, is for you and her to have FUN, and give each other some sort of pleasure, right? So keep it that way! Tease her (not verbally, idiots cheesy). For example, I was kissing my girl's neck the other night...she says breathlessly "I really, really, really like when you do that" I promptly STOPPED doing that, and went back up to her lips...she asks me "why'd you stop?"...all I said was, "You haven't earned it yet" wink. She got even more turned on, and pretty much attacked me at this point (in a good way), until I admitted she earned it, and went back to her neck...

Don't be afraid to start doing something that REALLY gets her going/turned on, and then STOP. Yes I mean it STOP! It'll give you a lot of power, she'll be VERY eager for you to do that again...if you like to be a REAL tease sometimes, like me, try getting her really turned on, and then right when she's enjoying it the most...STOP, and end the makeout. smileyDamn! I love this part. You're gonna have to trust me on this one, but she'll be thinking about you for a LONG time after.

Keep your hands MOVING!

Guys, when you're making out with a girl, keep your hands moving. Run them up and down her legs, around her hips/waist, over her butt, over her breasts, around her back, behind her head, and ESPECIALLY through her hair (you'll score BIG bonus points for through the hair) Sir Chancealot once pointed out, women CAN'T resist being turned on by you running your hands through her hair. I don't know why, either, so don't ask me. All I know is it WORKS and well too. If you're making out, and want to go for her neck, run your hands through her hair, and GENTLY pull her hair back, tilting her head to expose more of her neck to you. This gets a little bit of the male-dominance turnon going in her. wedding dresses for bigger ladies

Don't keep your hands in one place. Use them to ENHANCE the experience, massage her, pull her closer, tickle her, etc. When I started to do this, I observed that girls liked it a LOT more than my old 'hands off' style. Keep it HANDS ON, for success. smiley

Location, location, location!

Location is VERY key in your makeout experience. You want to be in an isolated place, alone with her...this defuses her anti-slut defense(no woman wants to appear as a slut no matter how open-minded she is), since nobody is going to walk in on you. Find somewhere where you can lie down with her/sit with me on this one, you WANT a comfortable place.

DON'T be fooled by what she says/acts before making out!

If she says she is 'religious', or likes to 'hang out' rather than make out...she might be honest, or she might NOT KNOW WHAT SHE LIKES. Believe it or not, sometimes you'll land a girl that hasn't made out with a guy before (running the cube from the Game Mastery system on her before making out will prepare her to receive what you want to do to her)- and thus they don't know the 'benefits'.smiley So if the girl says things indicating she might not like kissing/getting intimate, I wouldn't trust this, until you try.

For example, I met a girl 2 weeks ago...I would have NEVER pegged her to be open to making out...she seemed very uptight, and high-strung. However, the first time I kissed her, she was RIGHT INTO IT, and was absolutely all for it. She loved it, and now She's ALWAYS up for a little making out.

Don't trust what girls say/act before you make out with them...see how they are, when you actually kiss them. This is why in the Game Mastery System you discover it's not about what she says.

Express yourself verbally (and lead her to do the same)!

This is a small addition, but it's pretty important. When you're making out with your girl, she WANTS to know that she's making you feel good/doing a good job. So tell her! If she does something you really like, tell her, and don't be afraid to toss some bad language in there (i.e. profanity, but limit it guys, don't let every word be the f-bomb!). For example, she goes for your ear, and you're really into'd say something like "Baby, I love it when you do that, it gets me so damned turned on" (or toss in a f-bomb instead of "damned"wink.

Likewise, encourage her to tell you how she's liking it...for example, if you're kissing her shoulder, and she seems into'd say, "I can feel your heartbeat going up...looks like you really enjoy you want me to keep going?". Just little things like that will get her talking, and telling you what she likes (which you can then use to cash in for BIG bonus points

Guys, don't be surprised if your girl talks dirty when you get her going - girls LOVE to be 'naughty', but it's the time-old story, they can't do it in public, or else they're "sluts". So LET HER BE NAUGHTY with you, encourage her to talk dirty, you will NOT regret it. I confess, one of my biggest turn-ons was a few nights ago, my girl tells me as I work down her neck..."You're so f*cking good, don't ever stop, you're the f*cking best". Just hearing that, made me THAT more turned on. So don't discourage her from talking dirty.

SPECIAL ADDITION: Avoiding the Anti-Slut Defense (ASD)!

After a little situation that arose last night, I figured I'd better add something about our worst enemy: the anti-slut defense.

When you're making out with a girl, and she stops you from going any further (be it touching her breasts, or going a 'little lower than that), it's because she doesn't want to be seen as 'easy' or 'dirty', and by "letting" you go further, she's going to be seen as a slut.

Guys, we know this isn't true...girls who are comfortable with their sexuality, and enjoy expressing it, are ALWAYS fine by me, and I'm sure you don't mind these kinds of girls either.

HOW do you know when you're getting "stopped" due to an ASD?:

- she grabs your hand while you're 'wandering' it around her body
- she says something like "this is so wrong/bad, we shouldn't be doing this"
- she says "I don't want our relationship to be just physical"
- she says "I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me" get the picture. When you're hit with an ASD, it's not hard to defuse it/work around it. What you want to say is something that's going to Calm her and let her walls down:

There are a few things you can do/say to let her walls down which are discussed the " Game Mastery System Group "

You can search the group on facebook and join

# cheers