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wedding wears specially designed for maternity women

Everyone's all like # metoo and I'm like # whohasnt ?!?


I've yet to encounter ONE woman who hasn't experienced sexual harassment in one form or another.


Working as a hostess when I was 15, a handful of months after being 14 (cause I've been hustling since I could!!) - and the owner tells me to wear shorter skirts, it will attract more customers.
I went back to 10th grade in the morning. Yep. That early in life.
So what did I do - I ate my weight in nachos and never paid for a thing. # whatnow

Early 20s when my boss looked straight at my chest and told me to jump up and down.
I quit and filed unemployment and won even though you technically can't collect when you voluntarily leave and "one incident isn't harassment".

Thanks State of Connecticut. No wonder women don't come forward?!? Shocking!

And that's just 2! I've got TONS more!!!

No wonder I ended up in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship with an emotionally unavailable self absorbed narcissist.

It's just how men are. Right?!?


I knew it was wrong from the beginning. I know you don't talk to people that way and objectify people like that. But I also knew as a woman, I need to mind my p's and q's, not make waves. Because who the hell am I to have a voice?! wedding wears specially designed for maternity women

Well. Allow me to reintroduce myself.... # savage