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wedding wears suitable for a tall bride

What's the problem of this shit station?? What did they want to imply to all?? That the political elite belongs to Antique?? Furthermore, for an investigation purposes , We dont personally know the Javier because were busy on our day to day lives in order to survive than to associated with these conceited people who wants to bring their "patuyang" to public!! If you're not the person whose behind this shit media abuses of this station i ordered you to kill these shit in order to STOP ALL THE FAKE NEWS they're doing to public! Investigate this station, maybe she's the reason of the NPA attack on Sibalom for bringing up fake news to public!! They are creating chaos everywhere in Antique!! File a case on them!! As what this station wants to appear in public that they were close to the Lopeze's just like what the impostor's artists want to imply to all. Yuck!! Contractual employees!! How could the Management afford to loss wedding wears suitable for a tall bride # BillionsOfInvestment to those fucking bastard's?? Are they intimedated by their sexual desire/relationship with them? Are they mean business?? IF YES!! THEN DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT MY REPUTATION TO YOUR BUSINESS ASSOCIATES!! As what i've remember YOU CALLED ME WIFE in our Negros Navigation Trip, in the presence of their company doctor who has known the certain doctor family named M--- i forgot her family name!! And with your bodyguard too HE EVEN CALLED YOU SIR!!!
IF ITS ABOUT MY TRUE IDENTITY i will present to you my evidences of Songs: # PRICEtag # EYESopen # ROAR # TwentyFour24KaratOnTheAir # etc !! # HolywoodMovie2012 And named the # PILIINmoAngInangPilipinas # NgitiNgMaykapal # BayangPinili On 2012, in # HYYShowOfMisterM they directed # Melai to put up a mole on her nose, the background songs was # Ngiti !! Lopeze's has set of stars whose family were in politics to named a few: Sharon Cuneta, Korina Sanchez, Kris Aquino, Manny Pacquiao, Direk Lino Cayetano, Vilma Santos etc!!!

I AM NOT WISE!! THEY NAMED IT TO THE ABS-CBN artists who put a spy on me!! That poksin knows me well because she knows me!! Even Kris Aquino!! Anne Curtis!! Vice Ganda!! It's not Lopez who send them my whereabouts!! Lopez have a spy who look after my security since i was 14!! I know that when he give me a 4 keys. Later on became a # ApatNaSusiNgKapalaran in HYY!! My boyfriend loves me!! That's what the # Arc wrote in the # SignOfHEART with a number sign of 33 from # BlueCruz . My bf was online watching me when i asked his age, then he replied 33!! They owned a small portion of electric shares in Meralco. And the bulb here in our house EVEN in the Accounting Office i worked with before dancing in syncronize sign!! It's either Lopez or Gozon im going to met in prophecy because they owned the Babylon Star!! Is it Poksin??

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