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what garments to wear for brides suitable for second wedding

Scarlett is a 1 yr 6 month old mix terrier, pointer spayed and chipped current shots just got flea treatment last week. I rescued her from the shelter in May. i wanted a dog to help me with my depression and issues, I went in for a 3 yr dog but fell in love with her. Her sign said moderate activity. Well they were wrong. She is so super sweet and everyone loves her says she sweet but she really needs a yard. I lost my job 2 months ago and started a new job I do not get home till 6. I drive home somedays on lunch but with only 1 hour that leaves me 20 mins. with her. so things are different, I am 47 and live alone, active but not this active lol I think a married couple with a yard would be best. I take her to the dog park she loves it!!!! but lately we go for 2 hours and thats not enough. I take her to doggy day care she loves it then she sleeps all night. LOL But to afford that is tough. She wants to be outside she is very nosey and inquisitive. During the day she wants to lay out there and watch the birds, butterflies, and lizards. But I do not have that kind of time. I have a big unfenced yard. She loves the water, someone with another dog would be good maybe she doesnt like little dogs to much. I have 3 cats shes ok, but just a little hyper for them. Dont get me wrong when she is chill shes the best. She is a cuddle bug, and knows some basic commands. She learns fast. To fast as now she knows how to get out of her fence I made in house to keep her in tiled sunroom. She sleeps in late , but then goes for hours she wants to be right by you and play. I live in a good size mobile home but she wants to run up and down the hall way. I taught her to ring some big jingle bells on my back door to go out she learned it in a day, shes very smart. I mean very smart , loves car rides. Kids she is good with at the park, but she is strong and they could get hurt. She does get some separation anxiety if im gone we are working on that. We are having a little issue again going to the bathroom inside since my schedule changed and I am gone so long. I was thinking crate , . I feel heartbroken to find her a new home but its best I am going to be very picky and slow to find the right home, I will want to house check and we can meet at dog park so you could meet her. She is and will be an amazing girl with proper care. (and room) I promise I will rescue an older dog from the shelter this time. what garments to wear for brides suitable for second wedding