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what items to wear for tall maids of honor

I haven't been sharing many personal posts lately, I tend to shut down when overloaded & overwhelmed. A Scorpio that withdraws into her dark cave.
My plans were to stay in Portugal as long as possible this Dec., to enjoy every sunny misty morning, to go to the tiny villages putting on little festas for Natal, (so non commercial; a few booths of handmade items, a bonfire, musica, all types of homemade liquors @ 1 euro a shot! & traditional homemade bolos, wonderful yummy cakes of all sorts....) Dreamt of just chilling out to avoid the states until right after the holidays, when flight prices drop & the crazy buying hoopla is over...But Fate, she always has her own plans!
I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago & it's not healing as fast as I'd like, so haven't been able to do all the fall hikes, which really got me depressed...then sudden news that my elder brother is in the hospital for his 3rd heart attack, scared & not sure he'll make it...So dealing with many calls to the VA Hospital long distance to get info 8 hours behind west coast time....emails back & forth with family, not sleeping from stress of worrying about him, trying to guess when to get a ticket to America....Do I wait & see what happens? Grab a ticket now before they get too expensive closer to Christmas & hope I can heal enough to hobble thru 3 airports? Staring off into the orchard wondering what to do...indecision has grabbed me by the Christmas balls... what items to wear for tall maids of honor
He goes into surgery tomorrow...any friend that prays, does rituals, visualizations, please hold Phil in your magic for a minute, sometime on Monday, as a favor to me. thank you.
The only thing I can imagine that would be worse than Christmas in Las Vegas in a rental car & a hotel room near the VA Hospital, would be a funeral in Vegas instead. bless you.