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what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride

Hobo's Haven ~ I saw a video of snow falling @ Mauna Kea, Hawaii, earlier today...yet, here we are, on the 1st day of December with temps in the low-60s! No complaints!!!

The 2 Amigos came over mid-morning for treats, then they took off down to Hobo's grave to check the area out. They made sure to make their escape from the patio, just before the chickens started heading back over.

The chicken gang was working their way through the near backyard, between the back of the house & the storage buildings, scratching around, looking for worms. It seems that all those areas that remain green, due to the underground springs, are an area that the worms like to live,

What Frank & I find seems the red-tailed hawks are not exhibiting any signs of swooping down on those chickens when they are in our yard. Mr. Ditto Donkey & his new friend do not have the ability to come close to our yard & they are not sending up frantic brayings when the hawks fly over & land on the top of the snag tree and watch all the happenings. Of course, a couple of those roosters are much larger than the hawks & they are very protecting of their little flock, so perhaps that is the reason. what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride

Frank worries that something bad will happen while the chickens are over on our property, but I reminded him that the neighbors know that the flock is coming over & it is NOT our responsibility to be 'guarding' them, so if they aren't worried about their 'free-range' chickens, then we don't need to be worried.

Curiously, the Bantam chickens & ducks/geese have not been over this way...yet. Maybe the 'chicken gang' has not told them about the premium eats that magically appear in our yard.

All the other birds have been busy, working on tidying up their nesting areas in the evergreen trees & holly bushes. We did see a large flock of smaller black birds flying around, landing in the tree tops, as I was outside taking sunset photos. I guess they ight have been passing through & just stopped for the night, to roost in our big oak trees, down by the creek.

The deer family was still down in the Western corner, most of the evening & will probably bed down in the the trees by the creek. That area is protected by hills on 2 sides, so it will be warm enough.

Tonight's photo ~ After a cloudy afternoon, Mother Nature left us with a little "wink" of colorful sunset. The deer family was down in the Western corner & watched me as I snapped some photos. I guess they think I am part of their herd now .

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