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white cocktail dress

I so wish that there was someway that the Mother of the Bride that was Shopping for a Wedding Dress for her 18 yr old Daughter yesterday in Petoskey could See this post because this is going out to HER.
When a Woman is shopping for her dress for HER special day, she can try on a 100 dresses before she finds THE ONE. A woman just Knows when she puts it On and walks out in front of that Mirror that that dress is The One that was Made Just For HER. Just like the Man that SHE Chose to Marry. She Knows that HE is The ONE. white cocktail dress
Well, this happened yesterday with this young woman. She walked out in her dress and all her Mother could say was, "Ohhh Nooo! Your too Young for That Dress! You're too Innocent for That Dress! Nooo Way!" The young Woman was So Sad.
If this young Woman is Old Enough too Marry, she is Old Enough to Wear ANY of those Dresses that are IN that Store!
So many MOTHERS take over their DAUGHTERS Special DAY! It is THEIR Day. NOT the Mother's. Sure the Mother may be Paying for the Wedding/Whatever? But is the Daughter's Day.
Her Daughter is going to Remember her day for the Rest of HER life. And she is going to Remember how her Mother Treated her as such. Give the young woman HER DAY!