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Sweet cravings during PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), happen due to hormonal changes: progesterone levels go down and estrogen levels rise, causing a drop in sugar levels in the blood. This increases the cravings for eating sweets desperately forgetting about diets, husband, job, EVERYTHING! The white sugar in desserts, ice cream and candy make glucose levels rise very fast but it also falls very quickly.This creates a rollercoaster kind of feeling that generates irritability, anxiety and uncontrollable cravings. with jacket items to wear of the occasions
The solution is to deceive your brain by taking protein without sugar but one that is rich in sweet flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla and cappuccino protein shakes. This way you soothe the anxiety and keep the metabolism running and burning calories.
CARBS CRAVINGS : You will crave carbohydrates because the levels of the serotonin hormone are down. This is the so called " hormone of happiness, well-being and balance" Without it, we seek to eat foods high in carbohydrates to compensate. Eating banana in the morning, as your carbohydrate, besides helping with potassium, will also raise the levels of the amino acid tryptophan which levels serotonin in your brain.
AVOID AIR DRIED MEATS - (bologna , salami , ham ,etc)
Foods like bologna, salami , ham , or any air dried meats are high in sodium, therefore are high in salt and produced water retention. Also, using herbs like parsley and garlic can increase urine production reducing water retention.

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