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English Language Programs
for International Students in the United States

How to Choose an ESL Program in the United States

NEW -You want to study English in the U.S., but have you noticed that the U.S. is a pretty big country?  Take a good look at a U.S. map to help you decide where you would be most comfortable living. You need to know yourself well and what will make you happy. Look carefully at the different regions of this country to see which climate and population size will make you the most comfortable.

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Summer English Language Programs

NEW -Summer ESL programs in the United States are an exciting opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the English language while experiencing American culture.

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English Testing Options

NEW -Almost all institutions require international students to pass an English language test to gauge their proficiency in understanding the English language.  There are three primary tests available and their descriptions are listed below.

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English Programs in the USA

So, you are interested in coming to the United States to study English. There are many things you need to consider before you go. What is your goal? Where in the United States do you want to live? What does it cost? And what do you look for in a school?

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Which English Program is Best for You?

The question is often asked, "Why Women's Studies?" This interdisciplinary area of study offers something few programs can at the graduate level—advanced education in a variety of fields tailored to each student's interests and needs. Rather than studying a specific field such as biology or Victorian literature, students in Women's Studies might choose to study in a variety of fields that meet their interests—from literature to history to communication to psychology to education to film to environmental law. What brings it all together is the focus on the role of women in these areas.

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Choosing an English Language Program

There are hundreds of English language (ESL) programs to choose from. To select the "right" program, you should do a careful search based on criteria that are important to you. You should start this process approximately six months prior to the time that you wish to enter the program.

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English Language Programs

Before you begin the process of choosing the right English program for you, you should determine what type of program will suit your goals and objectives. Are you preparing for academic studies in the United States? Are you preparing for using English in your job? Do you just want to have a great experience in America and learn some English as a special bonus?

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English Language Proficiency Tests

English language proficiency tests are required of any student seeking to study in the United States who was educated in a country where English was not a national language or the language of instruction. There are currently two commonly used English proficiency tests.

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Featured English Language Programs
for International Students

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