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Profiles of U.S. States

For many international students the geographic location of a college or university is an important factor in selecting the program that they wish to pursue. Some like the idea of living near a large U.S. city, while others may prefer to study in a smaller town in the United States. Take into account the area of study that appeals to you, what geographic points of interest are located near the university or college, and whether their international student program is right for you.

To help international students get an overview of each state in the United States, we have included this section that profiles the educational opportunities and general characteristics of each state.

The state profiles contain information about the history of the state, the climate, major cities, major attractions, and other demographic details that international students will find interesting.

Besides independent colleges and universities, most states have colleges and universities that are a part of the state system of higher education. A brief description of such alternatives is included in many of the state profiles as well as links to featured universities, colleges, and community colleges.

Please click on the map over the initials of each state OR review the list of the states below to find the profiles of the states in the United States of America.

map of the United States of America Ohio Washington Montana North Dakota Alabama Arizona California Colorado Connecticut New York New Mexico New Hampshire Oklahoma New Jersey Ohio Pennsylvania Arkansas Nebraska Georgia Florida Utah South Dakota Texas Kentucky Louisiana Missouri Minnesota Oregon Mississippi Tennessee Virginia Vermont Wyoming Wisconsin Michigan Maine Massachusetts Idaho Illinois Indiana Maryland Nevada Kansas Iowa South Carolina North Carolina Delaware Rhode Island Hawaii

Areas of the United States:

Telephone Area Codes by State
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