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Aviation Programs
for International Students in the United States

Aviation Careers

The negative impact of 911 on the aviation industry is over.  The airlines are flying more passengers than ever.  Business aviation has increased many-fold.  And internet shopping has created an unprecedented demand for overnight air-freight transportation around the world.  The demand for pilots, mechanics, flight attendants and flight dispatchers has outsrtipped the supply, and the airlines are competing for people to hire into these professions.

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Aviation Maintenance Technician

It's not just about mechanics anymore. As aircraft technology has become more complex, so has the need increased for highly trained aviation technicians. Today's Aviation Maintenance Technician is trained to maintain, repair, troubleshoot, and inspect the sophisticated aircraft systems now used to fly safely around the world. Today's aircraft are equipped with computers and electronic devices used for flight operations, navigation, emergency systems, communication, engine monitoring, and passenger comfort, to name just a few. These and many other systems are designed to make air travel safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. These systems require that technicians obtain additional training, but they have not replaced the basic education required by the Federal Aviation Administration to obtain an Airframe and Powerplant license. Aviation Maintenance Technicians train for basic mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, aircraft structures, composites, engine overhaul, nondestructive testing, electrical systems, landing gear, brakes, oxygen systems, etc.

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Flight Attendant Careers

There is much more to  being a flight attendant than just serving beverages on a plane.  Flight Attendants are trained in a wide variety of skills including: Airport and aircraft security; self defense; emergency first aid and recognition of medical problems; passenger handling procedures during emergencies; emergency egress on land and water; aircraft technical knowledge, including how to fly an airplane;  airline operations; reservation and ticketing procedures; wilderness, desert and sea survival training; physical fitness; meteorology; customer service; foreign languages; special material handling; radio communication, navigation, and of course, hospitality training.  Flight attendants also lead an exciting life of travel, both as part of their day-to-day work, and travel as a free benefit for their personal use.

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Featured Aviation Programs
for International Students

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