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Business Programs
for International Students in the United States

Pre-MBA Programs

Pre-MBA programs are designed to prepare International students or students with limited business education and experience to pursue an MBA degree. The program provides a basic understanding of business concepts and practices that are an essential part of the standard business curriculum for MBA programs in the United States.

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Careers in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management goes by many names.  Even so, its importance in the world of business is clear: it is the largest business activity in the world.  How this business operates, and its impact on the local economy varies from country to country, but its importance is undeniable.  Most of the major hospitality companies are either headquartered in the United States or have a major corporate presence in the U. S.  Nearly all major hospitality companies worldwide recruit from hospitality schools located in North America.  Numerous hospitality programs in the U. S. offer students the opportunity to learn how to become managers in this dynamic, and growing field.

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Pre-MBA Programs: A Smart Idea to Include as Part of Your American Business School Education

You have decided to get an MBA or other Master's degree in business. You know that getting an advanced business degree can offer you new and greater opportunities, including career advancement and higher salary potential. You have decided to study in the U.S. because you know that an American business degree is well recognized and highly valued internationally, and that leading edge American business methods and technologies continue to have a strong influence globally. You also know that studying in the U.S. can improve your English, the international language of business.

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The old adage about it being a small world has never been more correct. With advances in the technologies of communications and transportation occurring at a dizzying pace, we can be literally almost anywhere on the planet in a matter of hours and virtually within seconds. These changes have led to a tremendous increase in the need for individuals with training related to international issues. While there are a number of fields of study one can pursue in order to gain this experience, graduate study in economics is one of the most flexible and effective. With most of the best graduate programs in economics located in the United States, looking at U.S. programs is an excellent place to start.

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Executive MBA Degrees

The Executive MBA Council, an association of more than 200 colleges and universities worldwide that offer Executive MBA Programs, tracks information about such programs. The number of its member programs rose from 124 at the beginning of the 1990s to 317 in 2006.

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Careers in Tourism Management

A quick browse through the career section of any major newspaper will reveal an abundance of help wanted listings under hospitality, restaurants, and travel and tourism. What does it take in terms of college classes, training, skills and experience to find success in this growing industry of hospitality and tourism?

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MBA For Professionals

Executive MBA programs are designed for the working professional who is already on a promising career track. Sometimes executive MBA programs are a good fit for executives, sometimes for the aspiring executive. They require significantly more work experience for acceptance than do traditional MBA programs, occasionally even requiring increasing budget or management responsibility. It is not unusual for an executive MBA program not to require applicants to take a Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) since the work experience requirement demonstrates knowledge in many of the business areas the exam tests.

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MBA Programs

The good news for students is that there is a quality business program that can meet the needs of almost anyone in the world." That is according to Dan LeClair who, as the chief knowledge officer of the leading accreditor of business schools, should know. According to LeClair, "the most important development in business education has been the incredible diversity that has emerged from an unprecedented expansion in global demand."

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Featured Business Programs
for International Students

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