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Computer Technology Programs for International Students in the United States

Careers in Graphic Design

As the communications link between supplier and consumer, the graphic designer conceives and executes concepts that inform, motivate, educate or sell. Graphic designers combine text and images to create visually compelling, attention-drawing communications materials.

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Careers in Film and Digital Media

Certainly, a film and television degree can lead someone down either or both of those paths. However, the actual title of "film and television degree" does not do justice to film and digital media because the potential careers attached to this industry are not found solely behind a camera or a television screen. There are plenty of other careers in the world of film and digital media.

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Careers in Computer Engineering

Most universities offer computer engineering as either a degree, sub-discipline of electrical engineering, or offer a dual degree in both electrical and computer engineering. Because computing has become so much a part society, it is hard to separate what an electrical engineer needs to know and what a computer engineer needs to know.

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Careers in Filmmaking

What are the criteria for determining and selecting which film school is right for you? How early can one begin legitimate study in this field? What course selections are considered required study? How has technology affected filmmaking in a creative as well as financial sense? What are the career possibilities in film after graduation? What options exist? Can a respectable living be made in filmmaking? How does one know that the art of making films is right for them or whether they are right for the art of filmmaking? These and other related questions are routinely asked by those who are planning to make filmmaking a career.

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Careers in Graphic Design

The public is surrounded daily by art without realizing it: new products, signage, print material and, of course, TV, movies, video games - the list goes on and on. Along with this visual blitz there is a need, in the industry, for well-trained graphic designers to perform the various functions and to bring it all to fruition.

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Featured Computer Technology Programs
for International Students

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