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Liberal Arts and Humanities Programs
for International Students in the United States

Liberal Arts Colleges

As an admissions counselor responsible for international recruitment, I conduct information sessions for international applicants, and I always begin by asking the students, “What do you think you may be interested in studying during college?”  Some students know right away what they are looking to study, whereas others are not sure. They look at me with panic on their faces and say, “I don’t know!” For both a student who already has a major decided and for a student who has no idea what he/she wants to do with her life, a liberal arts education may be an excellent option for earning a bachelor’s degree. Liberal arts colleges are institutions largely unique to the United States. They pride themselves on their small size; their broad based learning philosophy, and a strong focus on undergraduates. So what does this all mean, and why may it be worth the trip overseas?

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Liberal Arts Colleges:
The Essence of American Higher Education

Nothing better embodies the essential American undergraduate experience than the liberal arts college. While liberal education can be traced to European forbears like Cambridge and Oxford, American liberal arts colleges have developed their own distinctive educational formula, merging teaching, research, and community life into powerful educational settings.

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The Small, Private, Residential Liberal Arts College:
A Gem to be Discovered

All too often, students cross the ocean to enroll at the first school they hear about or the first school to send the I-20. As you begin your college search, "Step One" is to learn about what makes higher education in the USA unique.  There is no federal ranking system by which to judge or compare schools.  The U.S. does not mandate a national curriculum for post-secondary education.  There is a wide range of institutional types and educational philosophies that result in unique and autonomous educational systems and choices. Read about them to make sure you know an apple from a mango!

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A Gem to be Discovered

School of the Art

Last year was particularly meaningful to me as I watched my own son leave high school and begin college. Like his parents before him, and many of his peers, my son wrestled with where to pursue his passion for art. At an art college? A liberal arts university with an art program? A multidisciplinary school of the arts?  How to decide?

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Women's Studies

The question is often asked, "Why Women's Studies?" This interdisciplinary area of study offers something few programs can at the graduate level—advanced education in a variety of fields tailored to each student's interests and needs. Rather than studying a specific field such as biology or Victorian literature, students in Women's Studies might choose to study in a variety of fields that meet their interests—from literature to history to communication to psychology to education to film to environmental law. What brings it all together is the focus on the role of women in these areas.

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Featured Liberal Arts and Humanities Programs
for International Students

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