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Testing Resources
for International Students in the United States

Q&A: U.S. Admissions Tests

What admission tests are commonly required? TOEFL® is the most commonly accepted test of English proficiency in the United States (some universities also accept other tests such as IELTS).

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English Testing Options

Almost all institutions require international students to pass an English language test to gauge their proficiency in understanding the English language.  There are three primary tests available and their descriptions are listed below.

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The American system of education relies on various specialized or "standardized" tests, which students must take in order to apply to a particular university or program. These exams offer universities a common basis for comparison of applicants.

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English Language Proficiency Tests

English language proficiency tests are required of any student seeking to study in the United States who was educated in a country where English was not a national language or the language of instruction. There are currently two commonly used English proficiency tests.

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Featured Testing Programs
for International Students

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